I’ve always had a thing for fireflies, they seem kinda magical to me. Today, I discovered the beautiful Seni Seviyorum sim, this corner, with the firefly lantern, was my fave spot by far but the entire place is gorgeous. There never seems to be enough time, or energy, to go out and explore SL, but finding little gems like this is totally worth the effort. Does the SL explorer spirit die as we get older? Or do we think we’ve seen it all??


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I love working on sims that look pretty. This time I was part of the group covering the Rockabilly Fashion Fair for Seraphim, and let me tell you – the sim is like something out of a 50’s movie, it just shouts out Rockabilly with neatly lined colourful houses, perfectly trimmed lawns, flamingos and what not. I know my outfit doesn’t quite fit the theme but, well, it’s been a long day!

There’s a full gallery of the items for this fair over at Seraphim.com with LM’s and all.

★ Adriana

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So… it’s been a while since I posted something on here. For some reason I felt like I should start giving this little space some movement. Blogging for Seraphim takes a heck of a lot of time – I bet no one out there thinks how bloody time consuming it is, BUT I ♥ doing it, ♥ everyone I get to work with and couldn’t be happier.

I’m lazy, but I’ll make the effort to drag my butt out to a nice location and take a picture … or maybe my platform will do, I don’t think anyone would really care, right? I’ll even make it my New Year’s Resolution when the time comes, how’s THAT for a compromise?

Cheerio for now – I shall return soon 😉

A. x

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