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So… it’s been a while since I posted something on here. For some reason I felt like I should start giving this little space some movement. Blogging for Seraphim takes a heck of a lot of time – I bet no one out there thinks how bloody time consuming it is, BUT I ♥ doing it, ♥ everyone I get to work with and couldn’t be happier.

I’m lazy, but I’ll make the effort to drag my butt out to a nice location and take a picture … or maybe my platform will do, I don’t think anyone would really care, right? I’ll even make it my New Year’s Resolution when the time comes, how’s THAT for a compromise?

Cheerio for now – I shall return soon 😉

A. x

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They’ve landed!

It was a bright Sunday afternoon and I was doing some necessary work on my land because, as you can see, it needs some urgent TLC …


So there I was, minding my own business, thinking how on earth am I going to fill the space… When all of a sudden a blinding light appears out of nowhere before turning the whole sky pitch black …


“What on Earth is that??” I wondered as I saw a shadow nearing my roof … I ran inside my house because I’m a big coward and hid on a spot where I could still see through my windows. After a little while, the sun came out again. I took a deep breath and ventured outside – I could hear weird noises coming from my roof so I decided to have a look. Oh dear was I shocked at what I saw.

Friendly“This must be a joke!” I thought. Inspecting the cheerful little creatures a had in front of me, I quickly felt my uneasiness leave, after all – they were made out of cardboard, how bad could they be?!

ReadTurns out I wasn’t wrong. We spent the whole afternoon decorating their plain-looking spaceship, I personally think it turned out stunning – now they can travel around the universe in style! After all that work I offered Greenie and Purply a cold drink with some cupcakes, I thought it was rude of me not to have offered them earlier – they must have been thirsty and hungry after such a long trip. I offered to read a book to them about out little blue planet and they were delighted with the idea, you can see their excitement all over their faces! I invited them to sit down on the blanket but they politely declined and said they were not flexible enough to sit down. I understood.


As soon as it started to get dark, my new special friends announced they had to leave. I couldn’t let this opportunity fly by so I asked for a ride around my neighbourhood. It was a little cramped inside but that didn’t seem to faze them – they were just happy to show me their spaceship, I could totally tell by the smile on their faces. I, obviously, took some cupcakes along for the journey.

Rumour has it you can buy my little friends at The Garden

A home without a house?

So… when Chriss is not online I do my best to keep myself busy. I usually hit the shops to kill time but I’m trying to control myself, I may have gone a little crazy with the sale at Truth (sue me). So I have turned to sorting out my “house-related” folder instead.


Chriss and I have decided to not have a house on our land for the time being … I think it’s mainly because I haven’t found a house that takes my breath away, I’m funny like that. We have converted our place into a sort of mini island/garden (which I absolutely adore!) and we no longer have room for a house – but the sky is the limit. I hit the market place and found a nice-ish platform and the lowest prim house I could find and started sorting playing around with the things I could find in my inventory.

My “decoration/furniture/house” folder is still a mess and I’m left with the feeling that maybe there’s no home without a house?