My SL Pet Peeves

I might be slightly late to jump on the Berry SL Pet Peeves meme bandwagon but I think this gives me a great excuse to start with this new blog. And besides, I always never complain about the things that happen in the wonderful world that is Second Life so I couldn’t really miss this golden opportunity to do so.


This picture has nothing and everything to do with this meme. I’ve just moved to a new place and I’m in the middle of making a mess of everything decorating but I’ve had some time to sit down and relax. Everything looks really empty but it somehow has everything I need. Anyway, this little spot in the house is rapidly turning into my favourite place where things are just perfect.

So without further ado, here are my top five SL pet peeves.

1. People who do not walk away from landing points. Some of them have the nerve to go afk! This seriously ticks me off. Is it too much to ask to walk a few steps to the left or right after you land? It bugs me even more when people do it during busy events. You are finally able to TP and then find yourself in a lag-fest sandwiched between people who have decided they will just stand still at the entrance and maybe go get a cup of tea and biscuits while they block everyone’s way. OMG, MOVE!

2. People who don’t read profiles. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s kinda rude to start a conversation without reading a profile first. I like to compare it to book buying (yes, I still buy physical books). You usually turn it around to read the blurb before deciding if it’s something that ticks your fancy. For me, same thing happens with profiles. I especially dislike it when people ask me something that I have written on my profile, makes me wonder if I’ve just wasted my time on it and it honestly puts me off.

3. ɘlqoɘq ѠĤ♡ աՐɿԵȝ ⊕η th€¡® թгօբﻨlε ןıʞǝ ƚԋιʂ. Translation: (People who write on their profiles like this). Are these people having a laugh? Are they hipster wannabes who think that writing the right way around and using only letters is too mainstream for them? I personally think they just do it to wind people up. I just do not get it. If I need to turn my computer upside down in order to read a profile well, it’s an awful start – I’ve started to judge already.

4. Gestures and people who use and abuse them: What is the point of gestures? To kill local chat? To make annoying sounds that completely ruin the music? If that is the point, then it works wonders for me. I hate dislike them all with a passion, particularly the ones that go something like “I love this tune” and “Hoo”. Is the use of acronyms like LOL, BRB and AFK not enough to save us valuable typing time that we need to resort to shortcuts for the same annoying gesture to tell everyone that we like a certain song? Please, just stop!

5. Stalkers. The lack of  stalkers to be precise. I seriously think SL is going through a period of stalker shortages as I do not seem to have any. I mean, I have a seriously hot-looking avatar and yet no people hiding behind trees following me around, WHY? I joke, of course. There’s, what? around a gazillion people around SL  why just cling onto just one? You can stalk two or three! Seriously, if they don’t like you back just move on and don’t stalk them, that’ll just make it worse and, let’s face it, it’s plain weird and a tad sad.

Seriously people, what gives?

Phew, this feels good. I could go on and on for hours, luckily there were only five! Anyway, deep breath and back to my swing where I don’t have to face any of my pet-peeves.