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So… it’s been a while since I posted something on here. For some reason I felt like I should start giving this little space some movement. Blogging for Seraphim takes a heck of a lot of time – I bet no one out there thinks how bloody time consuming it is, BUT I ♥ doing it, ♥ everyone I get to work with and couldn’t be happier.

I’m lazy, but I’ll make the effort to drag my butt out to a nice location and take a picture … or maybe my platform will do, I don’t think anyone would really care, right? I’ll even make it my New Year’s Resolution when the time comes, how’s THAT for a compromise?

Cheerio for now – I shall return soon 😉

A. x

For full credits:


Skin: Izzie’s – Lucie Pumpkin Pie. Available at TDR Fusion

Hair: Little Bones – Crystalline (Ink Pot). Group Gift (free to join)

Sweater: Little Bones – Leisure Jumper. SALE!

Jeans: Riccielli – Anna Jeans

Shoes: Lava Rock Creations – Sneakers (Female). Available at Bitacora Travel Fair

Pose: marukin


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